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This webfont is generated by http://fontello.com open source project.
Please, note, that you should obey original font licences, used to make this webfont pack. Details available in LICENSE.txt file.
- Usually, it's enough to publish content of LICENSE.txt file somewhere on your site in "About" section.
- If your project is open-source, usually, it will be ok to make LICENSE.txt file publically available in your repository.
- Fonts, used in Fontello, don't require to make clickabyour site. But any kind of additional authors crediting is welcome.
Comments on archive content
- /font/* - fonts in different formats
- /css/* - different kinds of css, for all situations. Should be ok with twitter bootstrap. Also, you can skip style and assign icon classes directly to text elements, if you don't mind about IE7.
- demo.html - demo file, to show your webfont content
- LICENSE.txt - license info about source fonts, used to build your one.
- config.json - keeps your settings. You can import it back to fontello anytime, to continue your work
Why so many CSS files ?
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